Order Up is on Kindle Scout!

January 28, 2015



I've decided to take my chances on this awesome new-ish program called Kindle Scout, where READERS (that's YOU!) get to vote over which books get published by Kindle and which don-- Um, hold their heads up high and try other avenues ;)


Here's how it works: you go HERE (click) / Kindlescout.amazon.com and sign in to Kindle and check out the list! Hover over a cover that grabs you, click on it to further check out our summaries and even try out a sneak peek of the book below! If you dig it, click it! You can nominate up to three books at a time that you feel are worthy of publication by Kindle, who will be turning these into eBooks (print versions can/will come later, if the author chooses. This author LOVES making her books available in print copies, btw) And once you start nominating, don't stop! You can drop and swap out nominations as you please, but the really cool part? If a book you nominate gets selected for publication, YOU GET A COPY OF THE BOOK FOR FREE! Yes, FREE. Who doesn't need more books? And free ones, at that?


So what does this mean? I need your help, guys.


The campaign (amount of time available to be nominated) only lasts for 30 days and it started...TODAY! January 28th...


UPDATE: Check out these two super awesome blog posts that talk a little more about me and Order Up!