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All's fair in love—well hate—and war.

Time to meet Jasper & Blake!

The second novella in my Malibu Millionaire series, the characters in this steamy story took me for such a ride, and I had so much fun writing their novella! It was basically a dream for me to do a YOU'VE GOT MAIL retelling, as it's one of my favorite 90s romcoms.

Setting it in the Malibu music scene and turning up the heat with some hate sex, along with a twist ending on the original, it was everything I wanted it to be. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Get ready for:

🎙 Rival record label reps

💰 Millionaire playboy

😜 Sassy heroine

📱 Secret sexting

🌶 Steamy sex scenes

🥰 No third act break up!



Sometimes, the perfect guy…

Is the one you hate the most.

Jasper Brooks has everything—with his smooth-talking ways and devilish good looks, he’s signed some of the hottest bands of the moment. If only he could get the wrong-number woman he’s been texting for months to reveal herself.

Blake Harris absolutely hates Jasper with every fiber of her being. Avoiding her professional rival is next to impossible in the Malibu music scene, and when a new band puts them head-to-head, their pent-up frustration explodes in a raw session of hate sex. A mistake they keep repeating.

With feelings spinning out of control, Blake bolts back to the mystery man in her phone, determined to finally meet Mr. Perfect. Not realizing that all along, she’s been secretly falling for the enemy…

FALLING FOR THE ENEMY is available in ebook and paperback, and FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Get your copy now!

And because it's me, you know there's always a book trailer to enjoy...

Please be sure to check the Content Warnings on my website, and I hope you enjoy Jasper & Blake as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Happy Reading!

- Katie



August 2, 2022 - RELENTLESS

The final book in my Moto Grand Prix series, this forbidden romance turns up the heat!


She's always been untouchable. Forbidden. Off-limits.

Too bad I never did play by the rules.

I've spent my whole damn life making the wrong calls. Not that anyone ever notices—whether on the track or back home, I'm always in the shadow of my perfect big brother. But anonymity has its perks when the firmly off-limits ex of my biggest rival finally looks my way.

Chiara Martes. Gorgeous, smart, funny, legs just made to wrap around your waist and a smile that makes my heart race faster than anything.

She claims she's just looking for some fun on the side, and I'm exactly the kind of man who can give it to her. But off-the-charts sexual chemistry (hooking up here, there, everywhere we won't get caught...and some places we might) turns into unexpected feelings we've got to keep secret no matter the cost.

And somehow, before we know it, this desperate thing between us is threatening to destroy us all.

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ON SALE - $0.99 thru 5/22

When one steamy night between strangers isn't enough...


It's no fun being a good girl...

Until you find the perfect bad boy.

Luke Kelly is a legend in the music industry. The Grammy-winning producer has amassed four gold records, a fortune that could buy and sell most of Malibu, and an arsenal of luxury sex toys. But he can’t seem to find a relationship that goes more than skin deep.

Ari Reed has life color-coded on her bullet planner. For the book publicist, risks are calculated, and one-night stands happen absolutely never. Venturing out with friends to see a new band should be safe enough on a Friday night. But when she encounters Luke’s devilish smirk, sea-green eyes, and an invitation to be a little naughty, just once—she can’t resist.

Their single steamy night together melts into a late breakfast. Lunch. Then another night in his bed, and another, and another… Their chemistry is electric, passion explosive, and the longer the couple plays house in Luke's Malibu mansion, the more the lines between fun and fantasy start to blur. But Ari knows better than to expect life to imitate a romance novel.

She may have fallen hard for Luke, but she isn’t convinced the playboy is ready for the serious relationship he’s acting like they’re in. And while Luke is ready to confront the depth of his feelings, there’s always the chance he could scare off safe-play Ari. After all, she only agreed to spend one night with him. Not stay forever…




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