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Order Up

Wesley Jacobs’ life is going nowhere fast, unless he’s racing to his next stop as a pizza delivery driver. Race he does when the order is for quirky dance captain Reagan Ward. When Reagan applies for a job at the pizzeria, Wes’ soft-spoken style and attentive eyes (along with his classic Chevelle Super Sport) are more than she can resist. Unfortunately, a law-breaking age gap and her disapproving father terminate their nightly flirtation at the punch of the time clock.


Months quickly melt away with duck pond rendezvous and stolen moonlit dances. Once the couple finally blows out Reagan’s birthday candles, the new age of Wes’ beloved girlfriend ushers in both freedom and a heavy dose of reality. For Reagan, college life is beckoning, and its call points her dance shoes to the other side of the country.


Only now beginning to find his own path in life, can Wes justify following his heart toward the only girl he’s ever loved, even when she’s perpetually off-limits?


*Published by Kindle Press as part of the Kindle Scout program

**Sample inside cover

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