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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of books do you write?
    I write Adult Contemporary Romance Novels. They take place in present day, the characters are typically in their late 20s to early 30s, and the central storyline will revolve around romance, including a fun and exciting external factor. (I’m currently writing cowboy motorcycle racers!) I’m all about strong heroines, character growth, and endings that will leave you breathlessly satisfied. HEA (Happily-ever-after) guaranteed.
  • What heat level are your romance novels?
    They are decidedly adult (18+), and considered “Steamy.” Sexual intercourse is open door, and at times, explicit. Not erotica.
  • When did you start writing?
    I’ve always been writing, really. But I would say I started writing again in 2012, and sent my first query in April 2014. I signed with my first agent in early 2016 (who retired), then my second and current agent in late 2017.
  • How many books have you written?
    I have written seven novel-length manuscripts. And a bunch of other stuff.
  • I heard you used to write fanfic . . .
    Yep! It taught me so much about readers, and writing, it was the perfect starting place for me. In an article for Yahoo! tv, I was even listed as a top fanfic writer for The Vampire Diaries (#DE4Ever) Also here's a link to the fanfic if you’re so inclined.
  • Can you come speak in my city?
    I’d love to! But it depends. I live in Austin, TX, and travel can be complicated with my family’s schedule. But if you send me a message through the contact form with the event details, including compensation for my travel and my time, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a response!
  • What do you “speak” about?
    Primarily I cover Pitching Agents, Writing Queries, Synopsis, and Blurbs. Sessions are built for 1-2 hour presentations.
  • I want to make your book into a film/TV show. Who do I contact about sub rights?
    Fantastic! Contact my agent, please.
  • Who is your agent?
    Kelly Peterson of Rees Literary Agency Website: Twitter: @litagentkelly Email:
  • Who took your author photo?
    I did. In my living room. With my cell phone on my reading chair. Ain’t technology great?
  • Can I send you fan art? Or other stuff?
    Please! Email me all the goodies!
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