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As a cover designer, I can think of nothing more rewarding than seeing your manuscript come to life with the perfect cover, and I’m so excited to share that experience and journey with you.


As an author myself, I know how important it is to make sure your book gets the attention of readers - which includes the perfect cover that will stand out on shelves and social media. In my free time, I research trends in the market, but I'm also a firm believer that if your cover could work for anyone else, it's not specific enough for your book. I always try to include elements that are central to your story and characters, and look forward to making something that is uniquely yours.


I specialize in Adult fiction, but will also take YA, and NA, ranging in (sub) genres from contemporary romance, sports romances, romantic suspense, romantic comedies, and Women’s Fiction. I am adept at both Illustrated and Photo Realistic covers, and I guarantee that I will give your book and cover the love, respect, and devotion that I provide my own words, and at a price that keeps your dreams an affordable reality.


Katie, Goldnox Designs


Megan Gamble, Sing Out Front Cover.jpg
Honey, I'm home (3).png
Copy of Copy of So you think you're a match cover (4).png
Gwynne Jackson ALSO, ebook cover (1600 × 2560 px).png
Not Nothing cover (18).png
Darla Kay (17).png
Sweet By and By by Julie Freyou.jpg
stand up guy (11.471 × 8_edited.jpg
Yours Mine & Ours_edited.jpg
malibu book covers COUPLES (1600 x 2560 px) (1).jpg
FALLING for the ENEMY Cover.jpg
KING (2).png
Rallied4 (1).png
KATIE POND Billionaire hunter (11).png
tpd front cover (5.25 × 8 in).png
ftt front cover (5.25 × 8 in).png
ttl front cover (5.25 × 8 in).png
jaqueline snowe series front cover (5.25 × 8 in).png
NEW A Cruel Kind of Beautiful ebook .png
NEW Playing the Pauses ebook.png
NEW Insatiable ebook.png
Copy of persuasion book cover (2).png
Copy of persuasion book cover (3).png
Copy of persuasion book cover (4).png

How it Works

Library Bookshelves


For a custom photo-realistic ebook cover - $299

For a custom illustrated ebook cover - $349

For a custom photo-realistic print wrap - $399

For a custom illustrated print wrap - $449

(For print, I will need your final formatted page count to calculate dimensions for the trim size - this can come later, once you're done formatting, and I can get the front cover to you beforehand for cover reveals & promo)


Payment is 50% in advance to start creating, 50% upon completion to release the final non-watermarked images.

I take payment through PayPal.  


Untitled design (17).png

Promo Graphics

A range of 3D graphics with clear backgrounds you can use for book promotion and social media. Includes ebook front, ebook tilt, paperback, and trio.



Video Editing Timeline

Book Trailer

A promotional book trailer that can be uploaded to social media and placed on your website. Avail in wide for Twitter, or tall for Instagram/TikTok.

30 Sec: $399

1 min: $699

to get started on your journey of bringing your book cover to life! 

I'm also available for hire through Reedsy.

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