Get Ready for WRECKLESS!

December 15, 2018

This post is fashionably late, so please excuse my tardiness:





Correction: my fabulous agent Kelly sold my book, to my dream editor at Sourcebooks, and the ride has been so incredibly, wonderfully wild!


I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S REAL!!! (thank goodness for PM announcements that help with that)






My Adult Romance series has Memphis roots - as in that's where the farmhands were plucked from before joining the circuit!


Get ready for bull-riding cowboys and barrel racing cowgirls galore, black Stetsons, Ariat boots, pearl-snap shirts that tear off oh-so-well, and even a horse or two that'll steal your heart. 


I'm a small town Texan girl, so everything about writing this series felt like coming home. And it is so good to be home. 







What's the "circuit" thing-a-ma-bob I mentioned above? Well, it's not PBR. It's the MotoGP one.


As in Professional. International. Motorcycle. Racing. 



The series follows our Memphis-born cowboys and cowgirls-turned-MotoGP racers, including the first female racer to rise to the elite ranks of GP. Something that does not come easy in a male-dominated sport, or without its rivals-to-lovers complications ;) 



I am so excited for you all to fall in love with these characters in 2020 thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca!!!


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Okay, so that's it for now - I'm SO EXCITED for WRECKLESS to hit shelves, and thanks so much for being a part of my journey! 


Happy Reading!