Writers on the Rise: Introducing... YOU

August 14, 2016

Hey guys, so I’ve been thinking. Dangerous, I know. But what my spastic thought process finally put together was the wish to do a series of interviews.


Except...instead of interviewing people who are agented, I want to talk to those who are NOT repped but are ACTIVELY SEEKING REPRESENTATION.



I know. I’m weird. Totes a special snowflake and all that. And yes, I understand it’s standard practice to interview those who have “made it” so we can learn from their wisdom. I learn from other’s wisdom all the time, interviews and blog posts and tips and tricks from people who are SO MUCH FARTHER along in this process than I am, and it’s helped a ton.


(Hell, I have an agent and I give interviews, and I super hope people read that stuff!)


But that doesn’t mean we have NOTHING to learn from the people who are in the “query trenches,” and I can’t resist the temptation of hearing from the masses as well as the elite. You never know who is going to have the best advice for YOU.