Who Moved My Paragraph?

February 10, 2016

So there’s this thing that happens while my MS is off to my CPs, or basically anytime I’m stuck in a limbo moment where I’m not writing, and I’m not revising. It is called: THE BAD PLACE.


The Bad Place is a tricky thing, because it starts off like a relief. A quiet little, “Hey, I know you’re not writing and you’re waiting for feedback, but in the meantime, are you SUUUUURE there’s nothing in your MS that needs to be fixed?” And then I shrug, agree with inner demon voice that it would probably be more productive to edit than watching South Park, and then I look. This is usually about the time THE THINGS happen.


What are The Things? They are nonsensical, tedious, wrong but I’m convinced they’re right in the moment EPIC DISASTROUS DECISIONS.


Action beats shouldn’t be in the same paragraph as dialogue. (Um, yes they should.)

The word “Just” is for people who wear Dunce Caps. (No, it