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All About Me!

(and a little of who I want to be…)

I am Katie. Woman. Wife. Mother. Writer. And not always in that order.

I’ve spent the last nearly-thirty years cultivating a small but beloved community of family and friends, those who support and encourage me, who listen to my ramblings and dutifully nod their heads with a smile when I go on tirades about punctuation. And the last three years, I’ve been talking a lot about punctuation. And grammar. And plot devices and the benefits of outlining and the murky waters of the publishing world and…you get the idea.

My youth (and a fair bit of my early adulthood) was spent scribbling on scraps of paper and receipts, filling notebooks and word documents with obscure, angsty poetry (which will remain locked in a Trapper Keeper and buried in my closet for the rest of existence.) Words were breath, a way to transform reality and filter it as I needed. But life happens, schedules get filled more quickly than they empty, and all too soon my drawers and pockets were filled with To Do lists and not jotted-down stanzas. Then something happened. A TV show happened.

That’s right, I was pulled out of my ten-year writing hiatus by a drive to write fan fiction. Yes, I said it. Fan. Fiction. And pouring myself into this hobby, which soon turned into a nearly full time job, has given me back a dream long since lost.

Along with my writing and editing partner, Michelle Hazen, I have spent the last few years doing everything I can to hone and sculpt my craft, the thing I am compelled to do more than any other career I could think of. There has been research, so much research. There have been debates about style, technique, the evolving publishing industry and how to find my place in it, and learning to recognize my voice. And there have been words. Hundreds of thousands of words.

Fan fiction was a blessing. It gave me a friend and a partner, and access to a community that welcomed me with open arms, even at my very shaky and stumbly start. Through (their) comments and encouragement I was determined to push farther, exploring different themes and always, expanding my skill base. I still write fan fiction for free under the name goldnox, and some of it has even been published. (Who knew? You can check me out here under pen name C.L. Marlene)

But now, it’s time to take the next step forward.

For the last couple of years, I have been working on novels. Plural. I can’t seem to write them fast enough and my muse hasn’t abandoned me yet (thank God.) I have actively participated in Twitter and other writing contests, have self-published an Adult Contemporary romance novel, and published another through the Kindle Scout program.

I am represented by Kelly Peterson of Corvisiero Literary Agency, and I couldn't be more excited about the books ahead.

The thing is: I love writing. Love it. Can’t live without it. Won’t even try to. And I hope you enjoy all that I want to share with you. I’ve certainly enjoyed creating it.

Happy reading!



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