All About Me!

January 1, 2013

(and a little of who I want to be…)


I am Katie. Woman. Wife. Mother. Writer. And not always in that order.


I’ve spent the last nearly-thirty years cultivating a small but beloved community of family and friends, those who support and encourage me, who listen to my ramblings and dutifully nod their heads with a smile when I go on tirades about punctuation. And the last three years, I’ve been talking a lot about punctuation. And grammar. And plot devices and the benefits of outlining and the murky waters of the publishing world and…you get the idea.


My youth (and a fair bit of my early adulthood) was spent scribbling on scraps of paper and receipts, filling notebooks and word documents with obscure, angsty poetry (which will remain locked in a Trapper Keeper and buried in my closet for the rest of existence.) Words were breath, a way to transform reality and filter it as I needed. But life happens, schedules get filled more quickly than they empty, and all too soon my drawers and pockets were filled with To Do lists and not jotted-down stanzas. Then something happened. A TV show happened.