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Plot Pacing:

By The Numbers


Does your feedback on plot pacing have you singing laments of a saggy middle or early resolution?


Katie Golding, author of FEARLESS, will guide you through how to perfect your pacing, by the numbers.


This is a Virtual Event hosted through Zoom. You will receive an email with a link to access the Zoom room before the event from your event host.  
A computer with access to the internet and speakers or headsets are required. 
If using a mobile device, Android and iOS users must install the Zoom App. However, please note interactivity may be limited. Additional information will be included in the email from your event host. 


  • Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 7 PM – 8 PM EST

  • Online Event / Zoom Workshop


  • Register Here

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             'Lil Ol' Me


                                      Mom. Wife. Texan. Writer.


                                      Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter

                                      and for a ride on Serenity.


Can frequently be found on Pinterest, cooking Tex-Mex, and debating whether to paint my nails or play Destiny2.

Hopelessly devoted to my over-worked Pandora account.


Still needing more cowbell.


Mostly, I'm drowning in words and loving every minute.


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I'm thrilled to announce that in July 2020, the first book in the

Moto Grand Prix Series




will be hitting shelves

(Sourcebooks Casablanca). 


MAY 25, 2021


Watching this family of motorcycles racers come to life on the page, and being able to share them with you, has been my greatest dream. I can't wait for you to meet them. 

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